League Structure

The Kontinental Hockey League as a holding includes four organizations:

KHL Limited Company (OOO KHL)

  • is the sole owner of all property and non-property rights to the Kontinental Hockey League Championship, namely the organization and conduct of the games, the refereeing, Championship coverage (video, radio, photo, internet, etc.), symbols, logos and so forth.

KHL Autonomous Non-profit Organization (ANO KHL)

  • directly engaged in conducting KHL Championship tournament according to the contract with OOO KHL. ANO KHL also has rights to conduct the Russian Championships among League teams till 2017 according to the contract with the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

KHL-Marketing Limited Company (OOO KHL-Marketing)

  • exercises broadcast and commercial rights and services related to the KHL Championship according to the agreement with OOO KHL.

Junior Hockey League (JHL)

  • holds Russian Open youth championship.